Niederstes Gewänz

by Grünlich Grau

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Opitn eure musik macht einfach spaß! Favorite track: 294: Der Geschmack der Vorrichtung.
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released October 6, 2015

Grünlich Grau is:
Hannes, who sang and played keyboards, woodwinds and stuff;
Kranz, drummer, who also sang and played trumpet sometimes and
Kalle, who played stringed instruments, sang sometimes and played the drums, when Kranz didn't want to (happened only on "Unsinn"). He is also responsible for the recording/mixing of the whole thing.

Guest: Frieder on trombone.

Words and Music by Grünlich Grau, except "Bunker": Lyrics by Hans Sprungfeld



all rights reserved


Grünlich Grau Kassel, Germany

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Track Name: Bunker
Manipuliert informiert
aufgestachelt und verängstigt
Ausspioniert und seziert
sitzen sie zwischen Metern von Beton
kalt und bedrohlich
und warten darauf
das endlich was passiert

Krise Angst Panik Terror

Der Euro in Gefahr
Islamisten auf dem Vormarsch
Den Krieg gegen den Terror
kann man nicht gewinnen
Ihre Angst ist instrumentalisiert
und warten das es endlich passiert

Krise Angst Panik Terror
Track Name: Spacesurfer
"Zieht's euch rein, Leute.
Die geilste Techno-Show im ganzen Universum, Leute"

Let me introduce you to the techno mega star
they call him the spacesurfer
be aware of what this crazy man creates
and noone will do better

and spacesurfer makes another song
it's a masterpiece and he can't be wrong

"Ey Leute, das istn Ohrwurm. Junge. Das könnt ihr euch stundenlang anhören. Das wird nicht langweilig"


Listen to the new track people
spacesurfer's a genius, he's not stupid.
No criticism is allowed
cause this ain't commercial music

And every track he makes
makes him believe that he's a ruler.
Can you imagine any
kind of music that is cooler?
Track Name: A Frog's Household
Mange le baguette et le croissant.
Mange le frigo

This is the new sound of the progressive art

Hola que tal. La musica no es igual.
Entonces dad un poco mas
Celebrad unas fiestas

Let's get fucked up. Glad not to be drinking in a pub.
This place is perfect to destroy.
Dance to this crazy shit, my boy!

We're rolling and running and banging and rocking
It's gay

Lalalalala Lalalalala
Que pasa aqui? Can your hear the pretty sounds
Pero mis oidos dolen. Get the fuck out of my show

But Grobi and Kermit, these two guys are fighting
The green has no ears and the blue one wants to sell him a pair of new ears, an act kermit fears.
So he kicks the blue man out.
Without any doubt this might sound a bit weird but frogs don't have ears.
That's the lesson for today and now back to our way.

This is the new sound of the progressive art.

Malheureusement je n'ai pas des oreilles alors je ne veut pas les cache-oreilles. Grobi, c'est mon menage.
Sort de ma maison et ne retourne pas. Je ne veut pas les cache-oreilles. Grobi, c'est mon menage.
Track Name: 294: Der Geschmack der Vorrichtung
Les choses sur mon lit me rappellent ce que je fait aujourd'hui
na na na na na na na nana na
Le lendemain m'attend avec un gros bonjour

I cannot remember the things I did today
but I try to find it out

I went into the forest and i saw pinetrees
I went into the city and i saw houses.

Je vais tout ce choses que j'ai pas vu avant

Mein Name ist MC H. Ich habe große Brüche und den Bass.
1, 2, überprüfen. Es ist ne Mixtur. Ungehobelt zum Kern, durch die Textur. Komm und hol dir den Geschmack der Vorrichtung

I don't want to be like the waterdrops dripping down on my kitchen floor.
Strictly following the laws of gravity causing my feet to get wet and cold.
I clean the mess but you can guess that noone cares at all. Noone benefits from it.